Affin Hwang AM Introduces A Global Balanced Solution To Retail Investors

KUALA LUMPUR – Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad (“Affin Hwang AM” or the “Company”) launches the Affin Hwang Global Balanced Fund (“GBF” or the “Fund”), Malaysia’s first global balanced multi-currency fund. The Fund is one of Affin Hwang’s World Series of funds which leverages on strategic partners tapping into global managers and their investment expertise. Affin Hwang AM has built a suite of product solutions within the Asia Pacific region and has established a strong track record in the funds they manage since 2001. The World Series are Affin Hwang’s partner series of funds covering global markets.

The Affin Hwang Global Balanced Fund seeks to provide investors with opportunities for capital growth by investing in a portfolio of collective investment schemes (“CIS”) managed by BlackRock, Inc. These schemes (or “strategies”) have been selected to provide investors with a diversified exposure into global markets to acquire less volatile returns. A minimum of 95% of the Fund’s NAV will be invested into the collective investment schemes, while the remainder will be placed in liquid assets such as money market instruments and/or fixed deposits with Financial Institutions.

The underlying strategies are managed by experienced investment teams under BlackRock . BlackRock manages over 7,700 portfolios with over 1,800 investment professionals worldwide, and are the world’s largest asset management company with approximately USD 4.89 trillion in assets under management as of 30 June 2016 . BlackRock, Inc. is globally recognised as being one of the largest and most influential corporations in the world.

Chan Ai Mei, Chief Marketing Officer of Affin Hwang AM said, “We are living in a world of low returns where it is becoming increasingly challenging for investors to hunt for yields.

Following the UK’s decision to exit the EU, volatility has soared with the U.S. equity market’s volatility index showing record highs in 2016. Furthermore, government bonds no longer hold the attractiveness they once possessed”. Ai Mei said the Company identified an opportunity to address these issues by capitalising on BlackRock’s global product range and strategies which will provide investors with greater exposure to developed markets.

On the Fund’s features Ai Mei said, “The Fund’s solution is designed to provide investors with a mix of asset classes to capitalise on various themes within the global markets. The asset allocation mix has been pre-set with the aim of providing investors a diversified exposure into global markets to generate equity-like returns at lower volatility. It also has the ability to rebalance quarterly over changing market environments and dynamics. The Fund will have a balanced exposure in both equities and fixed income instruments, with the flexibility for a 10% swing in either direction respectively, which we believe will lead the Fund to meet its investment objective.”

The Fund will invest into a mix of listed equities on the global market and fixed income instruments such as debt securities, money market instruments, and fixed deposits. Ai Mei explained, “This flexible portfolio makes the Fund highly liquid, giving it the ability to review and rebalance its allocation towards the different schemes that comprise the Fund. The Fund’s diversification across different asset classes also allows it to act as the missing piece in an investors’ portfolio, and an extremely opportunistic option in today’s low-yield and volatile market.”

GBF is a balanced fund that aims to provide investors with opportunities for capital growth by investing into global collective investment schemes. The Fund is suitable for investors who are seeking to diversify their portfolio by gaining exposure into global markets, gain capital appreciation over the medium to long-term, and who have a high risk tolerance. The Fund is available in four (4) currency classes, namely USD Class, MYR-Hedged Class, SGD-Hedged Class and AUD-Hedged Class. The offer period for GBF is not more than 21 days, starting on 1 September 2016 until 21 September 2016. The Fund is available for investment through Affin Hwang AM and its partners.

Investors are advised to read and understand the contents of the Fund’s Product Highlights Sheet and Prospectus dated 1 September 2016 before investing.

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