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Allocate Plus by Affin Hwang AM

The Allocate Plus mobile application is Affin Hwang Asset Management’s foray into providing mobile users an easy access to start their investment journey with us. Through the Allocate Plus mobile application, users will be able to perform functions such as opening a new investment account, top-up their investment portfolio, redeem their investments, as well as switch between the funds offered.

Want to know more about Allocate Plus? Why not download the app and see it for yourself!

What is Allocate Plus?

  • Allocate Plus is a mobile application by Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad
  • Allocate Plus serves as a digital solution for Users looking for a seamless method of transacting Unit Trust Funds, and Private Retirement Scheme Funds through their mobile device

How can I access Allocate Plus?

  • Allocate Plus will be available for download on both, Apple’s App Store, and Google Playstore
  • You will be able to download the mobile application in 3 simple steps:


Go to the app store on your mobile device


Search for "Allocate Plus"


Download the mobile application, and you are all set to start your investment journey with us

Do I have to setup a new account on Allocate Plus if I am already an Affin Hwang investor?

  • You will not need to set up a new account if you are already have an i-access by Affin Hwang AM account
  • You will be able to use your existing i-access login details to access Allocate Plus
  • Similarly, if you are a new user who has set up your account on Allocate Plus, you can also use the same login details to access the i-access portal

What features does the Allocate Plus have?


Open an investment account
  • Allocate Plus allows you to open a new investment account seamlessly at your own convenience, using your mobile device


Make investment transaction
  • Top Up: Build your investment portfolio with us by investing into our offered solutions
  • Sell: Gives you the flexibility of redeeming your investments

  • You will also have the option to switch your investments from one fund into another within Allocate Plus through the Sell Option
How do I open a new investment account?


Download "Allocate Plus" on your mobile device to start your investment account opening process


You will need to have your Malaysian National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) on hand with you


Ensure the camera feature on your mobile device is turned on, so you can perform a selfie for us to verify your identity

Once the account has been set up, 1 transaction has to be made within 6 months to complete the account opening process

Do note that you will not be able to open a new investment account if you already have an account opened with Affin Hwang Asset Management. This means that if your details are already on our database, the account opening will not be processed.

What is the difference between using the App, and transacting through a Sales Representative?

  • A Sales Representative can provide you with financial advice, as well as guide you through your investment journey
  • However, when transacting through the mobile application, transactions will be initiated by the User themselves thus providing you with the ability to make the full investment decision with your investment portfolio
  • Allocate Plus also caters to investors who are starting out with their investment journey, thus provides the flexibility to start investing with as little as RM50

What Funds are available on Allocate Plus?

  • The Allocate Plus currently offers investment solutions to suit the wide range of investors’ needs through retail unit trust funds, and PRS funds. And all solutions are denominated in MYR only
  • Nevertheless, once an account has been setup through the Allocate Plus app, you will also be able to utilise the Affin Hwang Asset Management’s i-Access portal where you will be able to access a wider range of products

Who can I contact if I need help?

  • We’re here for you for all your needs when it comes to Allocate Plus.
  • If you have forgotten either your username or password, you can access our i-access portal to reset your password at
  • Alternatively, you can contact our customer care consultant through the following means:
    -Telephone : 1-800-88-7080
    -Whatsapp : +6012 606 8685
    -Email : [email protected]
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Teng’s investment management experience spans more than 20 years, and his key area of expertise is in managing absolute return mandates for insurance assets and investment-linked funds in both Singapore and Malaysia. Prior to his current appointments, he was the Assistant General Manager (Investment) of Overseas Assurance Corporation (OAC) and was responsible for the investment function of the Group Overseas Assurance Corporation Ltd.​

​Teng began his career in the financial industry as an Investment Manager with NTUC Income, Singapore. He is a Bachelor of Science graduate from the National University of Singapore and has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Actuarial Studies from City University in London.
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